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Liverpool Needs A New Owner And My Pick Would Be Robert Kraft - Opinion

This morning  there are rumors going around that Hicks and Gillett might not be selling Liverpool after all. For all fans of football I hope this is not true. I have been following their ownership for a long time. They have been terrible owners and have not taken Liverpool in the right direction. 

Great ownership is so important in building a team. If you don't have someone that can run the team properly it is very difficult to succeed in the long term. With that said I have a name of an owner that would be perfect for Liverpool. His name is Robert Kraft.

As a fan of the New England Patriots I know very well what a great owner can do for a franchise. Before Robert Kraft, the New England Patriots were a laughing stock in the NFL. Since he took over ownership in the early nineties the New England Patriots have been to five Super Bowls and won three. Robert Kraft is all about winning.

It has been reported several times in the past his interest in potentially buying Liverpool. If I were Hicks and Gillett he would be my first call to see if he has interest. He is a businessman and I believe would figure out a way to get the club out of financial trouble. He is also a billionaire.

The issue that Kraft has with the English Premier League has to do with the structure. He has stated on several occasions he would consider buying Liverpool if there was a salary cap. He wants to win and will not buy a club unless he believes he can win.

With potentially new guidelines for football maybe he can be convinced to take a look at Liverpool once again? If the current owners decide to stay I think the future for Liverpool is uncertain.

When you look at what Kraft has done I think he would be the perfect owner for Liverpool. Fans of Liverpool have to understand how bad the New England Patriots were before he took over. Since then he has built a new state of the art stadium with his own money. He has also made the New England Patriots one of the most lucrative sports franchises in the world. 

He will not spend crazy. I believe he would invest in the team, but make sure they were finanically viable for the future. His planning seems to be long term. The most important factor Liverpool fans need to know is his desire to win. If he took over ownership I think they would be at the top once again in a short period of time.

So in concluding if Liverpool wants to get back to where they belong the current owners should contact a businessman in Foxboro Massachusetts. In my opinion Liverpool needs a new owner and my pick would be Robert Kraft.