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Cottagers Daily Rumor Mill Update: Could Birmingham City Be Reviving Their Interest In Bobby Zamora?

Bobby Zamora photo via getty images
Bobby Zamora photo via getty images

I have written often this summer about possible interest from other clubs in Fulham's Bobby Zamora.  Recently I had a post that Celtic could be discussing a possible approach for Zamora. The Daily Mail has a story today that Birmingham Ciy could be making another attempt to land Zamora.  

The Daily Mail story is insinuating that the uncertainty with the future of Roy Hodgson might give Birmingham City an opportunity to take advantage of Fulham. The article also mentions that Birmingham City could also have interest in Paul Konchesky. I have written over the past couple months potential links between Birmingham City and these two Fulham players.

These rumors regarding these two players have been around for awhile with Birmingham City. Only time will tell if these stories are more than just speculation. I will continue to follow the rumors regarding Zamora and Konchesky.