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Cottagers Daily Rumor Mill Update: Latest Speculation On Roy Hodgson And Liverpool

Roy Hodgson photo via getty images
Roy Hodgson photo via getty images

The Daily Cottagers Rumor Mill is burning with the latest Roy Hodgson to Liverpool speculation. According to the Guardian, Liverpool are moving fast to try to have an agreement in place with Roy Hodgson before England's World Cup Match on Wednesday.

The Guardian article mentions originally Liverpool were hoping to have a deal in place with Hodgson by the end of this week. However, the story hints that Liverpool are aware that if the England job opens up they might have a battle on their hands to land Hodgson. According to the Guardian, Hodgson could be a top choice for the England job if Fabio Capello steps down. The article is also insinuating that if England do not move on in the World Cup, that could open up for speculation regarding the future of the England manager.

So this is another chapter in the ongoing speculation regarding Roy Hodgson and Liverpool. Will Liverpool sign him before the England game? Will Roy take the England job if offered? Or, maybe he just stays at Fulham and all of this talk has been pure speculation. Only time will tell what will be the next chapter in this Roy Hodgson saga.