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Roy Hodgson Has Not Left Fulham For Liverpool Yet - Opinion

With all of the speculation regarding Roy Hodgson and the Liverpool job I wanted to point out that Hodgson is still the manager of Fulham. Until there is a formal announcement by the clubs that says otherwise he is still the coach of the Cottagers.

I am just throwing it out there that if Hodgson does meet with the management of Liverpool he probably still needs weigh his options. As I mentioned prior I think there are positives and negatives to taking the Liverpool job.

On the positive side the Liverpool job is one of the most prestigious in the world. Liverpool also have an extremely passionate following of fans which makes for a great atmosphere to coach in. Also, if he could hold on to the nucleus of players, Hodgson could possibly get Liverpool back to the top within a few years.

On the negative side is the ownership situation. Liverpool's owners are looking to sell. Does he want to go into a situation where when new ownership come in they might want to replace him? Also, in the meantime how much money will have have to spend on upgrading his club? Next, the media and fan pressure to win immediately could be tremendous. Finally, he also happens to have a great situation at Fulham.

In my opinion he still probably has factors to weigh to make a decision of where he wants to manage next season. He also would need to talk to Liverpool management to hear about their plans for the future. Next, he would have to negotiate a new contract with Liverpool.

I think there are only a few people who really know what Hodgson is going to do. That would probably be himself and his family. The media can speculate that he is about to take the Liverpool job, but do they really know that for sure?

All I am saying to fans of Fulham and Liverpool is I think he still needs to make a decision. He probably still needs to decide if he wants to leave Fulham to go to Liverpool. I find it hard to believe he has done that without talking to Liverpool.

So as more stories come out just keep in mind unless Hodgson is being formally announced as the Liverpool manager, he is still in charge at Fulham. I will be following the Hodgson stories closely and will be posting updates on Cottagers Confidential.