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Can The Perception Of Fulham Change Regardless Of The Liverpool Rumors? - Opinion

Can the perception of Fulham Football Club Change? The answer to that question is yes. Regardless of all of the speculation regarding Roy Hodgson and Liverpool I think Fulham have an opportunity to change how the team is percieved by the public,  fans and the media. It all starts with this season and winning.

Consistent winning I believe is the only way to change the perception of Fulham Football Club. I read all the comments by other fans. I read the articles in the media. I think the perception of Fulham is that the Cottagers are a nice small mid -table club that can't go beyond that level. Fulham could never be a Liverpool or a Chelsea.  I say that is all hogwash!    

I have seen perception change dramatically for my other sports team I follow the New England Patriots. It took decades to change the perception of that team. What ultimately changed it was winning and Titles. Next thing that happens is the media looks at your team differently. Players then want to come to your team. Everyone wants to be associated with a winner.  

If Fulham won the Europa League I think it would have started the process of changing the perception. However, there would still be work to done. It is all about this season and moving forward. The Cottagers can continue forward. They have to come back strong this season and not accept the perception that they cannot.

Fulham do not have to settle for what happened to Middlesborough a few years back after they lost in the UEFA Cup final. As long as management has a desire to press on I think Fulham can beat that scenario. Every indication I have read and heard is they plan to fight.

How do I know that? With all the speculation surrounding the club right now at this point Fulham have been able to hold on to key players. Is it possible that some could go? Yes, but many could stay that make up the nucleus for the future.  

Also, there have been a ton of players so far linked to Fulham. I think that is a great sign. That means players want to come to Craven Cottage. Without the players the club will go nowhere.

In concluding I believe the perception of Fulham can change and it begins next season. Regardless of who the manager is, it will be up to management and the players to move it forward. It can happen. Fulham just need to consistently win.