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Cottagers Daily Rumor Mill: Liverpool Approach Marseille To Speak To Deschamps

Didier Deschamps photo via getty images
Didier Deschamps photo via getty images

The Liverpool rumors and speculation continue to get more confusing. According to ESPNSoccernet, Liverpool have contacted Marseille for an opportunity to speak to the their manager Didier Deschamps. The timing of this story conflicts with the other rumors regarding Roy Hodgson and Liverpool. 

According to ESPNsoccernet, Executive Director Christian Purslow of Liverpool contacted Marseille on Thursday. The person that was contacted by Liverpool is Marseille president Jean-Claude Dassier.  This information from ESPNSoccernet is according to L'Equipe. Below I have quotes from the Marseille President. The quotes that come from the ESPNsoccernet article were attained by L'Equipe.

It's true, Liverpool's executive director Christian Purslow called me Thursday morning,'' Dassier told L'Equipe. "He speaks French very well, is very polite.

"I was expecting his call because I had heard of Liverpool's interest in Didier. He asked me if I would allow him to meet Didier and (agent) Jean-Pierre Bernes.

"I replied that I would never forbid anyone from meeting whoever. I also kindly indicated to him that there wasn't the slightest chance for him to pinch our coach. Even in his dreams.''


So now we have a story that has Liverpool contacting Marseille on Thrusday regarding talking to their manager. Many other media outlets have been running stories of strong links with Liverpool and Roy Hodgson. This crazy manager hunt for Liverpool just continues to turn. I will keep this site updated on all information regarding the Liverpool job.