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Cottagers Daily Rumor Mill Update: Could Celtic Finally Get Jimmy Bullard?

Jimmy Bullard photo via Getty Images
Jimmy Bullard photo via Getty Images

I wrote awhile back that Celtic were in hot pursuit of former Fulham player Jimmy Bullard. He is currently with Hull but I just saw a story that could be encouraging for fans of Celtic. According to the Daily Express, a year long loan deal could be worked out between Hull and Celtic.

I was a big fan of the former Fulham midfielder. He is 31 years old, but I think it would be great for Celtic to take him on loan. It is worth it for his skill on free kicks alone. According to the Daily Express, Hull  granted permission to Celtic to talk to Bullard about a possible move.

Here is a quote from Adam Pearson, Head of football operations for Hull.  This quote comes from the Daily Express. He talks about a discussion with Celtic.

I have taken a call from Celtic asking about the possibility of taking Jimmy Bullard on a season-long loan," Hull's head of football operations Adam Pearson told the Daily Express.

"We've told Celtic we'd be willing to let Jimmy go out on loan and it is now up to the player.

"Jimmy is currently away on holiday and will make his mind up when he returns next week.

"If Jimmy decides he wants to go to Celtic then we won't stand in his way. He has to consider what he wants to do.

The Jimmy Bullard story I will continue to follow. If this rumor is true Celtic could be on the verge of getting a very good midfielder. I will have more information on this story when available.