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How Long Will It Take For Speculation Regarding Hodgson And The England Job To Begin Again? - Opinion

Roy Hodgson Photo Via Getty Images
Roy Hodgson Photo Via Getty Images

As a fan of Fulham it has been difficult to keep up with all the speculation regarding Roy Hodgson since the Cottagers lost in the Europa League Final. I am a huge fan of the manager, and do not want him to leave Craven Cottage. The question I have right now is how long will it take for the speculation to start up again regarding Roy Hodgson and the England coaching job? Fulham fans have already had to deal with headlines of Hodgson being on his way to Liverpool.  But, that was not the beginning of the rumors regarding Roy. I will break down all of the rumors below. 

 First,  Roy Hodgson was rumored to be linked to the open Juventus managerial job in May. The same time the links began with Juventus, there were also reports that Juventus were about to name Luigi Del Neri as their new manager. Well, on May 20th I had a post that Del Neri was named coach of Juventus.  

Second, Hodgson was linked to the Inter Milan job when rumors began that Jose Mourinho would be leaving to go to Real Madrid. On May 24th, I had a post that mentioned possible interest from Inter Milan in Hodgson. I was really concerned about that rumor because Hodgson had formerly coached at Inter Milan. That rumor died when Rafa Benitez became available after being let go at Liverpool.

Third, the strongest link has been with Liverpool. The rumors began in the beginning of June. I had a post on June 3rd,  that stories have begun regarding Hodgson being a possible candidate for the Liverpool job. Since then the stories in the media have grown stronger and stronger. Many media outlets have implied that it could happen very soon that Hodgson could become Liverpool manager.

Fourth, during the Liverpool rumors, there was also speculation that Hodgson could be in line for the England job if Fabio Capello leaves the post. When England advanced to the round of 16 in the World Cup the rumors stopped dead.

In a very short period of time Roy Hodgson has been linked to four different coaching jobs. Oh by the way he is the current manager of Fulham. I know many people forget that fact. However, he is still in charge at Craven Cottage.  For me he is the manager of Fulham until there is an official announcement that says otherwise. I am not saying that he is staying long term. All I am saying is right now he is the manager. 

So now we have England losing in the round of 16 of the World Cup to Germany. I would not be surprised if by the time I post this, there is already speculation of Roy Hodgson for the England job. My hope is that one way or another the Hodgson situation resolves itself very soon.