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Cottagers Daily Rumor Mill Update: The Latest Speculation Regarding Roy Hodgson and Liverpool

Roy Hodgson photo via Getty Images
Roy Hodgson photo via Getty Images


Here we go with the latest speculation regarding Roy Hodgson and the open Liverpool manager's job. According to the Daily Mirror, Roy Hodgson wants assurances of transfer funds from Liverpool before accepting the manager's job. The articles states that Hodgson is concerned about the financial situation with Liverpool.

The Daily Mirror article also states that Liverpool are set to meet Fulham's compensation package for Hodgson. 
As stated earlier, the hold up according to the article is that Hodgson wants to know that he will have money available for transfers. The story mentions that Hodgson is aware that Liverpool will need some rebuilding.

The Hodgson speculation with strong links to Anfield continue. I will continue to update these rumors regarding Roy Hodgson and Liverpool.