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Cottagers Daily Rumor Mill Update: Are Fulham preparing to sign Frederic Piquionne?

Frederic Piquionne photo via getty images
Frederic Piquionne photo via getty images

I just saw this story regarding Fulham and striker Frederic Piquionne. I do have an update on the progress between this player and the Cottagers. According to the Daily Mirror,  Fulham and Lyon have agreed to a fee for Frederic Piquionne.  

The Daily Mirror article also mentions that Piquionne has already met with Fulham manager Roy Hodgson. The article also states they are preparing to sign Piquionne to a £2million deal. 

Frederic Piquionne is currently 31 years old. Last year he played with Portsmouth on loan from Lyon. He scored 5 goals for Portsmouth.

I will continue to have an update on the Piquionne story once information becomes available.