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Cottagers Daily Rumor Mill Update: Battle for Joe Ledley heats up between Cardiff City and Celtic

Joe Ledley photo via getty images
Joe Ledley photo via getty images

The Joe Ledley story for me has been interesting to follow. I started tracking this story when it was reported that Fulham could be interested in the player. I had an update just two days ago with different stories regarding Ledley. One story from the Daily Record had Joe Ledley in talks with Celtic. The second story from BBC Sport had Joe Ledley travelling to AS Roma to have talks with the Italian Club. When you have different stories like this they deserve to be in the Rumor Mill.   

Today I have a story again from Keith Jackson in the Daily Record. It was dated yesterday, but I just saw it this morning. According to the Daily Record, Cardiff City are making a huge push to keep their player and keep him from going to Celtic. They are potentially improving their offer to keep the Ledley.  

Also, according to the Daily Record story it mentions that a story that Ledley was going to Italy to talk to Roma were wrong. The Keith Jackson article states that the potential Celtic target was actually in talks with Cardiff City.

 The article talks about the teams that have shown interest in Ledley other than Celtic. The list includes Fulham, Stoke, Blackburn, and Wigan form the Premier League. There are also clubs from Turkey and Greece that are mentioned to having interest.   

It sounds like to me Joe Ledley has a decision to make about his future. Does he stay in the Championship or does he make the move for a bigger club? The Daily Record story states that he is off on holiday in Portugal and probably will be going over his options.

For some reason I find this story fascinating. I will continue to follow where Joe Ledley ultimately plans to play.