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Who was the Fulham Player of the Season for 2009/2010? Cottagers Confidential Fan Poll

I was thinking to myself who had the best season for Fulham? I then thought why not ask the readers to vote on who they think was that player. I know there have been other polls on other sites regarding the Fulham Player of the Season. I just wanted to do my own for the readers of "Cottagers Confidential". I will be very curious to see who the fans decide was the Fulham Player of the Season in the "Cottagers Confidential Poll"

I am going to have a poll below of players who could be considered the Fulham Player of the Season for 2009/2010 in the "Cottagers Confidential Poll". Please feel free to vote on who you think should be that player. Also feel free to voice your opinion in the comments section below. The poll will be open until Monday. On Tuesday I will let you know who the fans voted as the Player of the Season.