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Could Roy Hodgson be one of the leading candidates to take over at Liverpool?

Roy Hodgson photo via getty images
Roy Hodgson photo via getty images

I was curious to see how long it would take for their to be a link between Liverpool possibly having interest in Roy Hodgson in their open managerial position? Well, it certainly did not take long for their to be a story about Hodgson. According to the Guardian,  Roy Hodgson and Martin O'Neil are among the list of top candidates for the open position of manager of Liverpool.

According to the Guardian, Rafa Benitez accepted a severance package that is worth a maximum of £6m from Liverpool. That leaves a door open for a new manager. The article also mentions that Kenny Dalglish will be heading up the search to find the new Liverpool manager.

On Tuesday I had a story in my Cottagers Daily Rumor Mill, that had Inter Milan having possible interest in Roy Hodgson. Now today we have this story from the Guardian that Liverpool could have Hodgson on their candidate list to possibly replace Rafa Benitez.. 

As I mentioned prior I expected these stories regarding Hodgson. He had a great season last year and it is only natural that other clubs could be interested in him. I am personally hoping Roy Hodgson stays at Fulham. I will be following any developments on these stories and then provide updates.