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Confirmation Of Roy Hodgson As The New Liverpool Manager

Roy Hodgson photo via Getty Images
Roy Hodgson photo via Getty Images

This is the news many Fulham fans were not looking forward to reading.  According to Richard Bruxton of Click Liverpool,  Liverpool FC will make an announcement Wednesday that Roy Hodgson is their new manager.

The Click Liverpool article mentions that  discussions between Liverpool managing director Christian Purslow, and Fulham's Alastair Mackintosh have led to an agreement regarding Hodgson. The story talks about that these discussions have been going on for 72 hours. The result of these meetings is Hodgson is now free to join Liverpool. 

I am a huge fan of Roy Hodgson. This is a very sad day. I wish Mr. Hodgson the best of luck with Liverpool. He has been a tremendous manager for the Cottagers. He will be missed. Liverpool fans will find out shortly they got themselves a great manager.