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Cottagers Daily Rumor Mill Update: Latest Speculation Regarding Mark Schwarzer And Interest From Arsenal

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It hasn't taken long for speculation to heat up regarding Fulham players. There has been much talk about Mark Schwarzer and possible interest from Arsenal. Here is the latest on the Fulham Goalkeeper. According to UK,  Arsenal are willing to offer £4million as a transfer fee for Schwarzer. The article also mentions that Arsenal could offer Schwarzer a coaching job.

The story discusses that Schwarzer has told Fulham that he wants to leave. It also mentions that he could be interested in being a coach and a player. According to the UK article, Arsenal would like Schwarzer to be a mentor to their other goalkeepers.

This speculation regarding Schwarzer and Arsenal has gone on for awhile. Could Mark Schwarzer actually end up playing at the Emirates? I personally hope Fulham do not sell Schwarzer. Fulham need to hang on to their key players. I will be following this story and will provide an update when available.