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Links To EPL Rumors 6/30 Edition: Teams Featured Include Arsenal, Aston Villa, Liverpool and Manchester City

Here is the latest edition of links to EPL rumors. Since there has been so much speculation about Fulham I thought fans might like to know what is being written about other clubs. Teams featured in this edition include Arsenal, Aston Villa, Liverpool and Manchester City.

Arsenal -

According to the Daily Mail, Arsenal are thinking about a move for Per Mertesacker.

According to , Arsenal will be battling Manchester City for striker Mario Balotelli 

Aston Villa -

According to, Aston Villa could be interested in West Ham's Scott Parker and Bayer Leverkusen's Tranquillo Barnetta.

According to, Aston Villa are about to make a move for Arsenal's Eduardo.


Liverpool - 

According to Click Liverpool, Milan Jovanovic cofirms three year deal with Liverpool.

According to Click Liverpool , Inter Milan captain Javier Zanetti speaks out against Cambiasso trade for Liverpool FC's Javier Mascherano.


Manchester City -

According to the Birmingham Mail, Manchester City have agreed to a deal with David Silva