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I Want Danny Murphy To Become The New Fulham Manager - Opinion

Danny Murphy photo via Getty Images
Danny Murphy photo via Getty Images

With the Roy Hodgson saga winding down it is time to find his replacement. There have already been three names rumored for the position.  The names I have read that could have interest in the Fulham job are Alan Curbishley, Sven Goran Eriksson, and Mark Hughes. All three of these potential candidates have the experience for the job. However, I am encouraging Fulham to look inside the team. I want Danny Murphy to become the new Fulham manager. 

The Fulham Chronicle is reporting that Danny Murphy could be an outside candidate for the position of Fulham manager. My hope is he is given the proper opportunity to talk to management about the job. I think he has the qualities that Fulham need to take the club forward.

I am not interested in survival anymore. I want Fulham to thrive in the League and get back into the Europa League. It is time to change the perception of this club. I think Fulham can be more than a mid - table team every year. The foundation that Hodgson has built is still there. Fulham just need someone to take it to the next level.

Why not someone who already has bought into the principles established by Hodgson?  Murphy is already a leader. He is a captain. Danny Murphy lacks the experience. But, I think he brings qualities to the table that can make up for his lack of experience.

First, he would probably have the respect of the team from the very start.  To be a captain you must have already garnered the respect of your teammates. This is a big advantage in getting the players to buy into his management style.

Second, if Murphy was the manager, the key players might feel more comfortable in staying with the team. I think he could help prevent many players from leaving Fulham.     

Third, he could also attract players to come to Fulham. He is well known around the league. His reputation could translate into other players wanting to come to Craven Cottage.

Fourth, the fact that he would be a young manager could mean he would be at Fulham for the long term. Right now Fulham need a manager who is not going to use Fulham as a stepping stone. They need a manager who sees a future with the club.     

I have a feeling Murphy could have some help in this transition as well. As of now Ray Lewington is still on the staff at Fulham. He could potentially be a huge help in Murphy's development as a manager.  

Now, Fulham have gone down this road before with Chris Coleman. Why not hire one of your own once again?  It doesn't have to be the biggest name as a manager. It just needs to be the right person. I think Murphy is the right man for the job. I want Danny Murphy to become the new Fulham manager.