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English Premier League Rumor Mill: Are Tottenham planning on making a bid for Diego Forlan?

Harry Redknapp photo via getty images
Harry Redknapp photo via getty images

When I see interesting EPL rumors I would like to share them as well with Fulham fans. I just happen to see this story regarding a player that I still have on my mind. According to the Daily Star, Harry Redknapp and Tottenham are considering making a move for Atletico Madrid Stiker Diego Forlan. The article mentions that they are preparing a £20m bid for the Atletico Madrid star player.

Forlan is 31 and is from Uruguay. According to the Daily Star article Atletico Madrid reportedly wanted £30m    
from Tottenham for Forlan. But, the article mentions that Tottenham would not pay that amount. Forlan earlier in his career played for Manchester United. Last year he had a great season in La Liga. According to this article he scored 28 goals in the league last season. Unfortunately Fulham and Liverpool fans know how deadly a striker Forlan can be.

Diego Forlan is an extremely dangerous player. He scored the winning goal against Liverpool at Anfield in the Semifinals in the Europa League. In the Final of the Europa League he scored both goals leading to a victory against Fulham. If I were Harry Redknapp and Tottenham I would be interested in this player.

I actually wish Fulham had the budget to make a bid for Diego Forlan. He is just not a realistic target for Roy Hodgson.  He is that elite of a player. In the case of Tottenham according to the article it seems to me they are negotiating. I have a feeling this story might have some legs. 

Again, I know this story is not really about Fulham, but if Forlan comes to the EPL he would be a factor playing against the Cottagers. If there are any further updates on this rumor I will post them.