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Are Fulham going to do "whatever it takes" to hold on to Roy Hodgson?

Roy Hodgson photo via Getty Images
Roy Hodgson photo via Getty Images

The stories regarding Roy Hodgson and be a potential candidate for the Liverpool job continue. The question I have been asking myself is what will Fulham do to keep Hodgson at Craven Cottage. If Liverpool do actively pursue Hodgson what will be the Fulham response?

This morning I saw a story in the Times that talks about what they believe Fulham will do regarding Hodgson. According to the Times, Fulham will fight any approach from Liverpool in regards to Hodgson. 

The story also mentions that Hodgson has a 12 - month rolling contract with Fulham. According to this article there are terms in his contract that would give Fulham compensation of around £2.5 million. What I believe the terms means is if Liverpool wanted Hodgson they would have to pay Fulham around £2.5 million.

The article also mentions That Roy Hodgson is currently on holiday. According to this article it states that Liverpool are optimistic that if they were allowed to contact Hodgson by Fulham, that he would entertain a discussion regarding a managerial offer. 

If this article is accurate it is encouraging to know that Fulham would do whatever it takes to keep Hodgson at Fulham.  As a fan I see Hodgson's importance to Fulham. I am sure the owner understands how valuable Hodgson is to the Cottagers. I also understand why Liverpool would be interested in Hodgson. He is a great manager. It will be interesting to see how this story plays out. 

If Hodgson stays at Fulham this year I would not be surprised to see the club end up in the top seven of the league. If he leaves it will matter who will come in to replace him to how Fulham will do next season. The next few weeks could be difficult reading for Fulham fans as the Liverpool talk and stories will probably continue. 

I am hoping Hodgson wants to stay as long as he likes. Until we hear from Roy Hodgson or Fulham he is still the manager of the Cottagers. If the Times article is correct hopefully Fulham will do whatever it takes to hold on to Roy Hodgson.