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Cottagers Daily Rumor Mill Update: Is Arsenal about to make an offer for Mark Schwarzer?

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I have been following the potential interest that Arsenal might have in Fulham goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer. As a fan I am beginning to get a little concerned. The stories started a few weeks ago. These articles are intensifying once again. I just saw two reports regarding Schwarzer and Arsenal.

According to the News of the World  article entitled," Schwarzer's Gunners Move Is On", Arsenal could be about to make s £3m transfer offer to Fulham for Mark Schwarzer. This story is claiming the reason this move could happen is that Schwarzer had talks with Roy Hodgson.  

The Daily Mirror reports potential Arsenal interest in Mark Schwarzer. The Daily Mirror article " Arsenal to increase their interest in Schwarzer" ,claims that Arsenal could up their transfer offer to £4million for Fulham goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer.

These two articles are a little different, but they both involve Arsenal potentially making an offer for Mark Schwarzer. Personally I hope a transfer for Schwarzer does not happen. I will be following the Schwarzer story closely. When more information becomes available regarding the Fulham Goalkeeper I will have an update.