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Jimmy Bullard Is Not A Done Deal Yet For A Move To Celtic

Jimmy Bullard
Jimmy Bullard

I wrote last week that Celtic were about to make a good move in bringing in former Fulham player Jimmy Bullard. This was based on an article in the Daily Mirror. Well, it looks like there might be some issues that need to be worked out first. According to the Daily Mirror yesterday it looks like Jimmy Bullard wants a £2million pay-off from Hull City and a free transfer.

According to the Daily Mirror, Bullard wants their to be no fee for a transfer. The article states that a free transfer from Hull is the only way he would make a move to a club like Celtic. The story talks about that the free transfer would help him go to another club and fit with in their financial budget.

This Daily Mirror article also mentions Newscastle as a possible landing spot for Jimmy Bullard. Also, the Scottish Sun is reporting that Bullard might have interest from West Ham as well. Jimmy Bullard going to Celtic unfortunately is not a done deal. I thought going to Celtic would be a good place for him and the club. I will continue to follow this story.