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Cottagers Daily Rumor Mill Update: Do Fulham and West Ham need to increase their bids for Frederic Piquionne?

Frederic Piquionne photo via Getty Images
Frederic Piquionne photo via Getty Images

On June 4th, I wrote that West Ham have possibly entered the battle to win the transfer of Frederic Piquionne. The player was on loan last year to Portsmouth from his current club Lyon. Fulham have been linked to having interest in Piquionne for awhile.

Today I saw a story regarding Piquionne and now have an update on the fight between Fulham and West Ham for his services. According to the Times both Fulham and West Ham have bid £820,000 for Piquionne. The article mentions that Lyon are looking to get nearer to £2.6 million for the striker.

For me the Piquionne rumors have been fun to follow. The story keeps on changing. It sounds like to me both Fulham and West Ham are going to have to increase their bids to land the player. I will continue to follow this story.