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Is Kenny Dalglish interested in becoming the new Liverpool manager?

Kenny Dalglish photo via Getty Images
Kenny Dalglish photo via Getty Images

The stories regarding the open managerial job are coming fast and furious. Roy Hodgson has been rumored as a candidate for the Liverpool job by several media outlets. What I found interesting tonight is a story that has Kenny Dalglish possibly being interested in becoming the manager of Liverpool. 

According to the Daily Mail,  Kenny Dalglish has withdrawn his name from the Liverpool panel that was in charge of finding a new manager. Based on his withdrawal the story is speculating that he is interested in becoming the next Liverpool manager.  He is a former Liverpool manager and left in 1991.

The Daily Mail article also mentions that even though Dalglish could be interested in the coaching job, Liverpool is expected to ask Fulham permission to speak to Roy Hodgson. The story mentions this discussion between Liverpool and Fulham regarding Hodgson is expected to happen by the end of the week.   

As expected the Liverpool managerial position continues to be a big story. There are a few questions we don't have answers for yet.  If Kenny Dalglish is interested in the position will Liverpool go in that direction? Also, if approached would Roy Hodgson take the job with Liverpool? Fans of both teams are just going to have to wait and see how this story plays out.