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Rumor Mill Update: Latest Speculation On Jimmy Bullard And Link With Celtic

Jimmy Bullard of Hull City. Photo via getty images,
Jimmy Bullard of Hull City. Photo via getty images,

Former Fulham player Jimmy Bullard has been linked with a potential move from Hull City to Celtic for awhile now.  I have been following this story and have an update. I have just read two stories about the current Hull player. Here is
the latest speculation regarding Jimmy Bullard.

First, The News Of The World, has a story that Jimmy Bullard would have to take less money to move to Celtic. This story states that Bullard is currently making £45,000 a week at Hull City. The new Celtic manager has supposedly told Bullard he will not go above £30,000 a week in wages according to the News Of The World.  

Also, The Sun has a story that Jimmy Bullard will be speaking with Hull City today. According to this story, Bullard will be meeting with Hull City's owner Russell Bartlett before making a decision on a potential move to Celtic. 

Based on these two articles it is possible that the Jimmy Bullard story could be coming to a conclusion shortly. The question is will Bullard stay at Hull City or move on to Celtic? Once more information becomes available regarding Jimmy Bullard I will have another update.