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Cottagers Daily Rumor Mill: Celtic and Newcastle Monitoring Stefano Okaka

Stefano Okaka photo via Getty Images
Stefano Okaka photo via Getty Images

I just saw this rumor regarding Stefano Okaka. The current Roma striker came to Fulham on loan February 1st of last season. As stated, he is now back with his parent club. He is a 20 year old striker and could have interest from other clubs in Europe. According to the Italian website Tuttomercatoweb, he is being monitored by Celtic and Newcastle.

When Okaka played for Fulham last season he showed potential. I can see why Celtic and Newcastle could have interest in him. On July 2nd I had a post that there was no truth to the rumors linking Okaka to Liverpool.

Last month I had a post that there was speculation he might be interested in coming back to Fulham. I will be following to see if Fulham have anymore interest in the Roma striker.  I will also continue to update this story to see if there becomes more of a link from Celtic or Newcastle as well in Okaka.