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Rumor Mill Update: Will Steve Sidwell Make A Decision By This Weekend To Play For Either West Ham Or Fulham?

Steve Sidwell photo via Getty Images
Steve Sidwell photo via Getty Images

I had a post on July 4th regarding speculation that Aston Villa's Steve Sidwell could be leaning towards going to West Ham instead of Fulham. Here is the latest rumor regarding the Aston Villa player. According to the Sun, Steve Sidwell should be making a decision by this weekend to either play for Fulham or West Ham.  

The Sun article mentions that Sidwell could be waiting to see who will be the next Fulham manager. In regards to West Ham I have mentioned in the July 4th that there is a connection between the manager and the player. Current West Ham coach Avram Grant coached him when they were both at Chelsea.

These rumors surrounding Aston Villa's Steve Sidwell have been building for sometime. There are a couple questions that are still left open. Will he actually go to West Ham or Fulham? Could he possibly stay at Aston Villa? Hopefully there will be some answers soon to these questions. I will continue to update the speculation around Steve Sidwell.