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Rumor Mill Update: Ottmar Hitzfeld Not Interested In Fulham Job

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The speculation surrounding the Fulham manager's job continues on a daily basis. Here is the latest information. According to the Daily Mail,  Switzerland coach Ottmar Hitzfeld has eliminated himself from consideration for the Fulham job. The article mentions that he plans on retiring after his contract is up with Switzerland. His agreement will end after the Euro 2012 campaign is over for Switzerland according to the Daily Mail article. 

Well, that narrows the field down for Fulham. I had a post on July 13th regarding Sven Goran Eriksson as a potential candidate. Also, on June 13th I had a story regarding Bob Bradley's name again popping up as a possible option for Fulham. There could also be other potential managerial candidates that I am not aware of as well. I will just continue to follow and update this story.