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Welcome New Fans Of Fulham

Over the past couple of months I have noticed comments from new fans of Fulham. I am so happy to see new fans checking out the club and Cottagers Confidential. This is a real exciting time for Fulham.  Fulham are a great team to follow and I will do my best to give you great coverage of the Cottagers.

Before the season begins Fulham fans have a great deal to look forward to. The club should hopefully be naming a new manager soon. Fulham could also be active in the transfer market in the upcoming weeks to potentially bring in new players. Fans also have the friendly matches coming up to get the team ready for the beginning of the Premier League season. Cottagers Confidential will keep you updated on what is going on with the team at Craven Cottage.

In August, I plan on posts that will be previews to the upcoming season. I will be focusing on the players and the positions they play. I will also be giving you a preview of the clubs that Fulham will be facing this season. There is plenty to share and I will do my best to get you ready. 

For all fans I will give you a short background of how I became a fan of the club. I started following Fulham when Clint Dempsey joined the club in January of 2007. I had been a fan of Dempsey's while he played for the New England Revolution. I had been intrigued by the EPL but just couldn't find a team that I could really get into. Clint Dempsey gave me the opportunity to follow Fulham.

I would say the following season is when I really became a huge fan of the club. The 2007/2008 season involved the relegation battle for the club. The bottom three clubs of the EPL at the end of the season get relegated to the Championship which is the division below the EPL. The club had an awful start to the season. The team looked like it was on its way to being relegated until Roy Hodgson took over in the second half of the season. Following Fulham trying to survive was tough on the nerves but also exhilarating. It came down to the final week of the season. Fulham needed a victory at Portsmouth. They succeeded in that game and stayed in the EPL.

That was just the beginning. The 2008/29 season saw Fulham take it to the next level. They finished seventh and qualified for the Europa League.This was Fulham's best finish ever in the EPL.

Now last season was incredible. I don't think you would find any expert that picked Fulham to get to the Final game of the Europa League. It was such a fantastic ride that gave me unbelievable memories. For new fans and old please check out this post of Great Fulham Highlights of the Europa League. Kristian Balkin posted this great youtube video. I put it on Cottagers Confidential. In five minutes this video will show you the emotion and joy of last season's run. I couldn't recommend this video enough.    

For new fans of Fulham I wanted to also share some information with you that could be helpful. The English Premier League and English football in general is fantastic to follow. However, I wish I had a primer that explained to me how the Leagues work and what they are. Well, I have a post from Kirsten Schlewitz the editor for 7500 To Holte. This website is for fans of Aston Villa. She has put together this post that I think is fantastic. Please feel free to click on the link to the article called "An English Football Primer: A Guide To English Football Leagues".   

In concluding I want to again say welcome to Cottagers Confidential. I hope you come back often and enjoy following Fulham Football Club like I do.