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Cottagers Daily Rumor Mill: No Truth In The Rumors Linking Stefano Okaka And Liverpool

Stefano Okaka photo via Getty Images
Stefano Okaka photo via Getty Images

Sometimes a rumor just is not true. This might be the case in regards to Stefano Okaka. According to, the agent for Stefano Okaka states that there is no truth in the rumor linking the Roma striker and Liverpool. Last half of the season Okaka played for Fulham on loan from Roma.

Stefano Okaka is still only 20 years old. He did score for fulham twice but did see limited action. Also, according to the article he actually has been linked to Bologna. Last month I had a post with speculation of Okaka possibly being interested in coming back to Fulham. However, based on the quotes from Okaka's agent it sounds like he wouldn't be against hearing from Liverpool.        

Below are quotes from Stefano Okaka's agent that was in the article. The agent talks about the rumor of a link with Liverpool. The quotes originated from 

"Interest from Hodgson at Liverpool? If only it were true," Domenico Scopelliti told

"Currently there are only just rumours, and I have not heard anything from a British club. Certainly we couldn't say no to Liverpool, and the boy would be enthusiastic to continue his adventure in England with Hodgson."

"There is also a friend there in (Alberto) Aquilani" 

Stefano Okaka's time at Fulham was short. I will be following to see if Fulham have anymore interest in the Roma Striker. In regards to Liverpool at this point there is no truth to the rumor of interest in Okaka.  If there becomes more information regarding this player I will have an update.