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Rumor Mill Update: New Speculation Regarding Former Tottenham Hotspur Manager Martin Jol and Fulham

Martin Jol photo via getty images
Martin Jol photo via getty images

This Martin Jol story is now feeling like a soap opera. I just had a post earlier that Martin Jol could be turning down Fulham. This information was according to the Telegraph. Now, I now have new information that makes this story even crazier. According to ESPNsoccernet .com writer Harry Harris, Ajax are unwilling to talk about a compensation package for the former Tottenham Hotspur manager with Fulham.

According to Harry Harris of, He has a source that states that Martin Jol has told Ajax he wants to leave for Fulham. The ESPNsoccernet article goes on to mention that Ajax are not willing to discuss a compensation package for Jol with Fulham.The story continues to discuss that Ajax could be stalling to use the time to convince the former Tottenham Hotspur Manager to stay at Ajax. This is an ongoing situation and I will continue to update this story.