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Roy Hodgson Can Handle Liverpool Job - Opinion

LIVERPOOL UNITED KINGDOM - JULY 01:  Roy Hodgson is unveiled as the new Liverpool FC manager at Anfield on July 01 2010 in Liverpool England. (Photo by Clint Hughes/Getty Images)
LIVERPOOL UNITED KINGDOM - JULY 01: Roy Hodgson is unveiled as the new Liverpool FC manager at Anfield on July 01 2010 in Liverpool England. (Photo by Clint Hughes/Getty Images)
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Since Roy Hodgson has left Fulham to become manager at Liverpool I have read and heard doubts of his ability to be successful at Liverpool. I am extremely confident that Hodgson will not only be successful but bring titles to Liverpool. I do wish he was still the manager of Fulham. However, I will be watching his progress at Anfield.

I even watched some of the friendly match yesterday for Hodgson. Liverpool lost yesterday 1 - 0 to Kaiserslautern 1 - 0. Liverpool did play many young players and probably had a decent amount to do with the result. The first thing I noticed in this match were a couple long ball pasess up to the strikers. One of the passes led to a nice shot by David N'Gog. I saw similar situations a great deal with Fulham last season and Bobby Zamora. 

I have been reading about the tough task and situation that Hodgson currently has at Liverpool. I have read that he will not have much money to spend on new players and he might be forced to sell some of his current players. My reaction to these opinions is that Liverpool have the right man to overcome these obstacles. I have watched for myself and seen Hodgson work with a smaller budget. He brought in players to fit the disciplined style he instituted at Fulham.    

Hodgson has already made moves to improve Liverpool. First, he has received support from Steven Gerrard which is important.  Next, the signings of Joe Cole and Danny Wilson are also important steps in the process of making over Liverpool. There is still much work to do. I think this is just the beginning.

I have a feeling you will see more players come and go. My advice to Liverpool fans is to be a patient and give Hodgson a chance to build this club. It is not going to change overnight. It might be a gradual change, but I know you have the right man molding your team.

The best comparison I can give is my own experience with the New England Patriots. When Bill Belichick took over for Pete Carroll in 2000 the Patriots were in complete disarray. His first season he started the process of turning over the New England Patriots. He needed to find players that bought into his system. Just like Hodgson, the coach for the New England Patriots believes in a disciplined style of play. It is all about building a team and not just acquiring talent. 

The first season the New England Patriots were 6 - 10. As a fan I was not disappointed because I saw the foundations of the future being built in Foxboro. In his second season as coach the New England Patriots they won the Super Bowl. In a short period of time The New England Patriots went from laughing stocks to Champions.

This example is to show the point that Rome wasn't built in a day. Hodgson needs time to change the club.  Fans might not see the results right away. I am just saying to give this man a chance to succeed.

Once he has all of the players he needs for Liverpool I think the fans are going to see dramatic results. In fact, I am predicting that Liverpool will win the English Premier League title within 2 years. I have already made this prediction and not changing my mind. If you don't believe me I made this proclamation on Terrace Talk over two weeks ago. Please feel free to listen to the Terrace Talk Interview.

In concluding, I am a loyal fan of Fulham. They will always be the team I support. I will always be grateful for the huge role he played in the fantastic results over the last couple of season at Fulham.  Roy Hodgson, in my mind is an extremely important figure in the history of the club. I wish him well and expect him to succeed.