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Links To EPL Rumors 7/25 Edition Part One

Sunday is the big day for gossip and rumors. Here are the links to EPL Rumors 7/25 Edition Part One. Teams featured include Arsenal, Aston Villa, Bolton and Chelsea

Arsenal -

According to UK, Arsenal are preparing to make an offer of £15million for Everton's Phil Jagielka.  

The Daily Mail has a story that Barcelona's Andres Aniesta is expecting Arsenal's Cesc Fabregas to play this season at the Emirates.  

Aston Villa -

The Daily Mail has a story that Aston Villa and Celtic are monitoring Robbie Keane at Tottenham Hotspur. UK has a story that Tottenham Hotspur are trying to win the battle for Aston Villa's James Milner.  


Bolton - UK has a story that Bolton are trying to make a deal for Real Madrid's Marcos Alonso.   

According to Sky Sports, Lee Chung-yong wants to stay with Bolton. He is rumored to be linked with Liverpool.


Chelsea -

According to UK,  Real Madrid's Rafael van der Vaart is interested in going to Chelsea or Liverpool.  

The Daily Mail has a story that Mesut Ozil is now is a possible target of Manchester United and Arsenal. Chelsea at one point were supposedly interested in the player as well.