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Are Fulham In Media Silence? - Opinion

On Thursday, the story came out that Fulham did not get their man they targeted to be their new manager. Martin Jol decided to stay at Ajax and reject the opportunity to return to the Premier League. Since then I have noticed very little written about potential new managers.

Yes, there has been speculation on names like David Jones, Sven Goran Eriksson and Jurgen Klinsmann. But, there has been nothing on the record that I have noticed that Fulham have indicated anyone as a candidate. I think this is great news.

The Martin Jol story blew up in the face of Fulham. I would have rather not known anything regarding Jol. It didn't help the club with this saga being so public.

The club right now is in the middle of a delicate situation. Until they name a new manager the club probably won't make any new signings. The season begins in three weeks. Fulham need to find the right manager.

The best thing Fulham can do is to keep the media out of what they are attempting to accomplish. I can wait. I want them to pick the best manager possible who wants to be at Craven Cottage.

I have learned by following the New England Patriots that keeping information from the media can be beneficial to the club. The Pats basically make the medias job very difficult. The Pats don't share information on injuries or player movement. Again, it does not benefit the Patriots to share information publicly that gets back to other teams.

So, with other teams possibly interested in Fulham players, doesn't keeping a media silence by Fulham make sense? Once Fulham announce a new manager then they are back in business. The stories are not helping Fulham right now.

In concluding, even though I want the information personally, at this point I want Fulham to stay silent until they are ready to announce a new manager. This decision is crucial to Fulham's future. I want them to do what is right for the club and not be influenced by what is written.