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Rumor Mill Update: Latest Speculation Regarding Former Manchester City Manager Mark Hughes and Fulham

Mark Hughes photo via Getty Images
Mark Hughes photo via Getty Images

I do have an update on the speculation regarding the open manager's job for Fuham. According to the Guardian, Fulham have made an offer to Mark Hughes to become their new manager. The article states that the former Manchester City boss has taken Fulham up on the offer to become the new head coach at Craven Cottage.  

The article also discuses that Hughes will probably be bringing some of his former assistant coaches with him to Fulham. Those coaches are Mark Bowen, Eddie Niedzwiecki and goalkeeper coach Kevin Hitchcock according to the Guardian.

At this point this story is still speculation. There has been no official word from Fulham yet on an announcement of a new manager. I will be watching this story very closely regarding former Manchester City manager Mark Hughes and Fulham. I will have an update when more information is available.