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Rumor Mill Update: Could Fulham Be Close To Naming A New Manager?

Mohamed Al Fayed photo via getty images
Mohamed Al Fayed photo via getty images

The process of finding a new manager for Fulham has led to a huge amount of speculation. It has been a difficult story to follow. With that said, here is the latest information on the story. According to Sky Sports News, Fulham are planning on having a new manager in place within 24 - 48 hours. This information was told to Sky Sports News by Fulham.

Now, in regards to who the new manager will be Sky Sports News does not name the new manager. The article does state that Mark Hughes has come to be a top candidate for the position. The former Manchester City manager has been linked by other media outlets as well to the Fulham job.  

There has been no official announcement yet for naming the new manager. I think Fulham fans need to wait a little longer. I will stay on top of this story and have updates when information is available.