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Cottagers Daily Rumor Mill: Speculation Surrounding Paul Konchesky And John Pantsil

Paul Konchesky photo via getty images
Paul Konchesky photo via getty images

Since Mark Hughes became Fulham manager there has been growing speculation surrounding Paul Konchesky and John Pantsil. According to the Daily Star, if Fulham are able to sign Luke Young, it could open a move for Paul Konchesky to be transferred to Liverpool.

The article also mentions that Mark Hughes had a discussion with Jon Pantsil that he can move away from Craven Cottage. The Daily Star story goes on to mention that West Brom could be interested in a £1.5m transfer agreement for the Ghana defender.  

I will be following the rumors around both Fulham players. In regards to Konchesky it is interesting that he is linked with Liverpool. Roy Hodgson when he was introduced as Liverpool manager stated he would not raid Fulham. I will also be watching to see if the speculation around John Pantsil and interest from West Brom gets escalated. When more information becomes available on either Fulham player I will have an update.