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Recent Speculation Regarding Brede Hangeland and Liverpool Is Doubtful - Opinion

Brede Hangeland photo via Getty Images
Brede Hangeland photo via Getty Images

I saw many reports yesterday mentioning that Brede Hangeland was still a target of new Liverpool Manager Roy Hodgson. had a story about this Hangeland and Liverpool rumor. The article is using a report from the Sunday Mirror which is speculating that Roy Hodgson is trying to get Hangeland from Fulham with a £7m offer. 

I believe this speculation is extremely doubtful. I had a post on July 1st that I discuss how Roy Hodgson stated in his press conference in becoming Liverpool manager that he would not be raiding Fulham. Hodgson seemed very sincere in his press conference. 

I certainly think many Fulham players could be transfer targets including Hangeland. In my opinion, I don't think there will be inquiries coming from Liverpool.  When a manager comes out that strong in a press conference that he will not raid Fulham I tend to believe him. Hodgson was a tremendous manager with Fulham and I just don't see him going back on his word.

To back up my opinion, The Metro has a story today that Hodgson ruled out Hangeland as a Liverpool target. They also have quotes from the Hodgson press conference. In these quotes Hodgson talks about Fulham. 

Below are quotes from the Roy Hodgson at his Liverpool press conference which come from the Metro.

 'I have great respect for everyone there, I had magnificent support from the chairman Mr Al Fayed and the chief executive.

'And the one thing I made clear to the [Liverpool] chairman is that I certainly don't want to go in and raid Fulham FC because that wouldn't be the right thing to do.'


Fulham right now are in a delicate situation. Many clubs could try to take advantage of the club while they search for a new manager. I am hopeful that Fulham will soon have a new manager in place that will move the club forward. In the meantime, I don't need anymore evidence to feel that the recent speculation regarding Liverpool and Brede Hangeland is doubtful.