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Cottagers Daily Rumor Mill Update: Continuing To Monitor The Speculation Between Mark Schwarzer and Arsenal

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* I originally ran this story this morning at 9:22 AM EST. I am updating this post because quotes I ran from an article in the Daily Mail originating from a Kenyan newspaper, the Daily Standard, have been clarified by In an official announcement on the quotes are incorrect as Arsene Wenger did not grant one one one interview with newspaper the Daily Standard. They have asked all media not to attribute any quotes from this newspaper to Arsene Wenger. This correction appeared on the Arsenal website about an hour after my post. I will be removing the quote immediately. My article below follows without the quotes.

The Fulham manager's job has been the main focus of discussions lately regarding the club. However, there is a situation that I am continuing to monitor regarding the team that is important. The speculation of Arsenal being interested in Mark Schwarzer has been brewing for over a month now. This is a rumor I am watching very carefully.

With that said, The Daily Mail just ran a story regarding the goalkeeper situation at Arsenal. The article talks about the current goalkeepers at Arsenal and possible replacements. The article mentions that Mark Schwarzer is considered a top transfer target for Arsenal in regards to goalkeepers. Another possible option the article stated for Arsenal at goalkeeper was Eduardo of Portugal. He is no longer available as he just transferred from SC Brada to Genoa according to the Daily Mail.   

As I stated in the beginning, the link between Mark Schwarzer and Arsenal has been going on for awhile. I will continue to stay on top of it and have updates on the situation when available.