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Personal Apology To Cottagers Confidential Readers

My goal at Cottagers Confidential has always been to give Fulham fans and other fans a wonderful place to get a fan's perspective on the club. I post my opinions on the club. I also post information I find regarding the club that can be attributed to other media sources. I always attribute the source so the reader will know where the story came from. I want to be able to give everyone the best and accurate information I can find.

Today, I had a post that had a quote that turns out to be incorrect. The source that had the quote was the Daily Mail. They ran a story with a quote from Arsene Wenger that originated from a Kenyan Newspaper the Daily Standard. On the official Arsenal Website, it had a clarification post regarding the Arsene Wenger interview. The post states that Arsene Wenger did not grant a one -on one-interview with the Daily Standard. The post also states that the quote is not correct. Arsenal has asked the media not to attribute any quotes from that source to him.  

Since this Arsenal clarification happened about an hour after my post hit the internet, I did run the quote. I just came across the clarification and have removed the incorrect quote and updated my post. 

 I want everyone to know that I will always correct a mistake. This is my personal apology to the Cottagers Confidential readers. I apologize for this mistake and will work extremely hard to prevent anything like this from happening again. Thank you again for coming to Cottagers Confidential.