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Rumor Mill Update: Fulham Deny Transfer Request From Mark Schwarzer

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Mark Schwarzer against Juventus 3/18
Mark Schwarzer against Juventus 3/18

Here is an update on the post I wrote this morning regarding Mark Schwarzer. Earlier, the Telegraph had a story that Mark Schwarzer had formally requested a transfer. There has been much speculation this summer regarding a potential transfer for Schwarzer to Arsenal.

Now, according to the Telegraph, Fulham are denying that a transfer request was made by Mark Schwarzer. As I mentioned prior, Arsenal have been rumored to have interest in the Australian Goalkeeper. The Telegraph article has quotes from a Fulham spokeswoman denying the story regarding a transfer request by Schwarzer. Here are the quotes below.

Fulham Spokeswoman stated, 'The club has not received a transfer request from Mark Schwarzer.'

'Mark is under contract with us until the summer of 2011 and the manager has underlined his commitment to keep hold of his best players.'

The speculation surrounding Mark Schwarzer and Arsenal continues to turn. I will have an update on this story when more information is available.