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Fulham Manager Mark Hughes Makes Position Known Regarding Mark Schwarzer And Interest From Arsenal

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The talk surrounding Mark Schwarzer and possible interest from Arsenal has gone on most of the summer. The Fulham manager made comments regarding the situation with Schwarzer. According to ESPN CO.UK, Mark Hughes states that he knows Schwarzer is interested in playing for Arsenal at the Emirates, However, the story goes on to mention Hughes is not looking forward to another offer from Arsenal.

This article has some quotes from Mark Hughes and his feeling regarding the interest from Arsenal in Mark Schwarzer. Based on the comments from Hughes it seems that Fulham do not want Mark Schwarzer to leave Fulham.

Below are the comments from Mark Hughes which comes from the ESPN.CO.UK article.

'From our point of view, the situation has not changed,' he said. There was interest from Arsenal in May. Their bid was refused. We have not had any more bids and we wouldn't encourage any.'

'Mark sees it as an opportunity with the current stage that he is at in his career. I can appreciate that but he has to understand that we have to protect Fulham too.'

"It would be difficult to replace him. It's difficult to get the right quality into your football club. We have a top-class keeper in our squad and we would like to keep him."

Based on the statements from Mark Hughes it looks like Arsenal have a battle on their hands to bring Schwarzer to the Emirates. Schwarzer is a top goalkeeper and it is obvious why Arsenal would be interested. I will be following this story to see if there are anymore twists to the Mark Schwarzer situation. As of right now he is the Fulham goalkeeper. Fulham's first game of the season is tomorrow at Bolton.