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Cottagers Daily Rumor Mill: Latest Speculation Regarding Paul Konchesky and Liverpool

Paul Konchesky photo via getty images
Paul Konchesky photo via getty images

I just saw this speculation regarding Fulham left back Paul Konchesky. According to the News Of The World,  Konchesky is interested in moving to Liverpool and joining Roy Hodgson at Anfield. The article points out that Konchesky did not play today against Bolton and was not on the bench.The story also discusses that Fulham manager Mark Hughes has stated he does not plan on moving Konchesky.  

There has been much speculation regarding Konchesky and a link to Liverpool and Anfield. On July 30th I had a post with speculation of a link between Konchesky and Liverpool. These rumors keep surfacing regarding this player.

In regards to Konchesky being held out of the game, I saw a story that he is dealing with an injury. According to, Paul Konchesky was going to have a late fitness test on his ankle prior to the match today. I will continue to follow the Konchesky speculation in regards to a link to Liverpool and Anfield. When there is new information I will have an update.