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Rumor Mill Update: Latest Speculation Regarding Mark Schwarzer And Arsenal

Mark Schwarzer photo via getty images
Mark Schwarzer photo via getty images

Here is the latest speculation regarding Mark Schwarzer. According to the News Of The World, discussions are to happen on monday between Schwarzer's representatives and Fulham. This article is claiming that Schwarzer is on the cusp of making a move to Arsenal and the Emirates. This story states that Schwarzer's representatives feel they can talk Fulham into making his move to Arsenal a reality. The article goes as far to say that Schwarzer would sign a two year deal with Arsenal while a fee still would need to be worked out.

Again at this point this article is speculation. The stories linking Mark Schwarzer to Arsenal and a potential move to the Emirates continue to be churned out. Fulham fans are just going to have to wait and see how this turns out.

On friday I had a post entitled " Fulham Manager Makes Position Known Regarding Mark Schwarzer And Interest From Arsenal." Please feel free to check out the post if you would like to see some comments from Mark Hughes on the Schwarzer situation. I will continue to update the Schwarzer speculation with possible interest from Arsenal when more information is available.