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Rumor Mill Update: Today's Speculation Regarding Mark Schwarzer And Arsenal

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The Mark Schwarzer saga continues to turn out stories. I just saw this interesting article dealing with this situation. According to Wayne Veysey of, Fulham are requesting for Arsenal striker Carlos Vela and money to be in a package for Mark Schwarzer. The story mentions that this package is what Fulham are looking for from Arsenal in exchange for the Australian goalkeeper. The article also mentions that other Arsenal players have been discussed between the two teams, and that Fulham have asked about Vela among others.

The Veysey article discusses that both sides are talking and that the two teams expect an agreement to be done before the end of the transfer window. The story mentions that part of the delay in this agreement getting finished is that Fulham want to find a replacement first for Schwarzer. So based on this information it sounds like to me there are still hurdles to cross to allow Mark Schwarzer to go to Arsenal and play at the Emirates.

The speculation of Fulham wanting Carlos Vela as part of the Schwarzer deal could be interesting. The 21 year old Arsenal striker actually scored against Fulham last season at the Emirates. I will continue to update the Schwarzer speculation with links to Arsenal when more information is available.