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Thoughts On The Speculation Regarding Mark Schwarzer And Arsenal - Opinion

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The rumors regarding Mark Schwarzer and interest from Arsenal have been around for most of the summer. It has been difficult to read these articles about one of Fulham's best players being rumored to have interest from another club. I have watched and admired the job Schwarzer has done for Fulham. I would say there have been more than a few games over the past two seasons that he has kept Fulham in matches. You don't want to lose a player of this quality.

There is no question why Arsenal are interested in Mark Schwarzer. A top goalkeeper could really put them over the top and catapult them to the title. I actually picked Arsenal to win the EPL this season. If this speculation about Schwarzer potentially moving to Arsenal becomes a reality they will be very hard to beat. If you are a fan of the Gunners you would be very happy with this goalkeeper.

At first I was very against Fulham even considering letting Schwarzer go to Arsenal to play at the Emirates. He has one year left on his contract and Fulham do not have to sell him. However, I am split on my feelings on this subject. On one hand, I don't want Fulham to let go one of their best players. On the other hand, I do understand why Schwarzer would want to go to Arsenal. He would have a chance to win a title and play in the Champions League. At 37 this is a tremendous opportunity for him.The question I have is how can both Schwarzer and Fulhambe happy with him moving to Arsenal?

In my opinion, the only way a deal should happen between Fulham and Arsenal is if both sides benefit. I had a post earlier today about the latest speculation surrounding Schwarzer. In my post I had information from a Wayne Veysey article from The article discussed the possibility of Fulham wanting Carlos Vela plus money for Mark Schwarzer. The article also mentioned that the hold up on the agreement is that Fulham still need to find a replacement for Schwarzer. I think this scenario if it became reality would benefit both sides. Fulham need more strikers.

Fulham would have a young striker and money to use on possibly finding another player. Arsenal would benefit because they would have the goalkeeper that I believe would lead them to a title. If this deal was up to me I would do it because both sides win. However, I would not do the agreement until Fulham find another top goalkeeper.

Everything I have read recently about Mark Hughes is that he will not make a move that is not beneficial for Fulham. I have a feeling the only way Mark Schwarzer leaves Craven Cottage for the Emirates is if the agreement helps Fulham in the long run. There are many pieces to this puzzle for a deal to become a reality. This situation should come to an end by the end of the transfer window. Both Fulham and Arsenal fans probably need to wait a little longer to see this play out.

In concluding, a deal for Schwarzer I think can work as long as it helps both Fulham and Arsenal. Both teams can strengthen themselves if a deal is fair. There is no reason why a deal has to be one sided. I wouldn't be happy to see Schwarzer go, but I could live with it if Fulham can actually improve themselves.