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Fulham Release "Victories Over Manchester United" DVD Collection

We are just two days away from Fulham playing Manchester United at Craven Cottage. I wanted to make everyone aware of this DVD collection Fulham have just released. It might interest you as you get ready for the weekend. It is called "Victories Over Manchester United".  This DVD collection can be purchased from Sunday at the Megastore or you can pre-order it online.

To beat a club like Manchester United at Craven Cottage the last two seasons is very difficult to do. Last season Fulham beat Manchester United 3 - 0 at home.The year prior the Cottagers beat Manchester United 2- 0. Both of these matches are featured in the collection.

Also, the final installation includes a match that has never been available on DVD before. This is a match that Fulham beat Manchester United at Old Trafford and corrected a 40 year deficit. Fulham beat Manchester United 3 - 1.

Fulham Victories over Manchester United is available to order online at,  by phone on 0870 442 1223, or in store from Sunday priced £19.99.