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Mark Hughes States That Mark Schwarzer Is Not Guaranteed A Move To Arsenal

Mark Hughes photo via getty images
Mark Hughes photo via getty images

The Mark Schwarzer saga involving a potential move to Arsenal continues to produce stories. Here is the latest information I have on the situation involving the Australian goalkeeper. According to the Daily Mail, Mark Hughes discussed once again that is not a definite right now that Schwarzer will be leaving Craven Cottage.

The Daily Mail has quotes from Hughes where he discusses Schwarzer and interest from Arsenal. Below are the quotes from the Fulham manager that come from the story.

'It's not a foregone conclusion that Mark will leave,' said Hughes.

'We're all aware of Arsenal's interest. It's not a surprise because he's an outstanding goalkeeper and they obviously feel they have an issue with their own goalkeeper.'

Fulham have turned down two bids from Arsenal for Mark Schwarzer. This situation should be coming to a climax soon as we get closer to the end of the transfer window. I will continue to update the Mark Schwarzer situation when new information is available.