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Thoughts On The Speculation Regarding Paul Konchesky And Liverpool - Opinion


The stories linking Fulham left back Paul Konchesky, and Liverpool have been building up the last few weeks. It is tough seeing a Fulham player rumored to have interest from another side. It is harder to read when the team happens to be Liverpool.

When Roy Hodgson first left for Liverpool I was really concerned that he would take some of his key players from Fulham with him. I was relieved when I watched his first press conference at Liverpool when he stated that he would not raid Fulham. I took Hodgson at his word that he would not be going after some of his former players.

I guess I was naive to think this situation would not change. He has a right to change his mind. Football is big business, and Hodgson has a need at left back to fill. Konchesky is a quality player and would solve that problem at that position for Liverpool. If he brings Konchesky to Anfield he would be doing what is right for his club. 

On the flip side, Mark Hughes needs to do what is right for Fulham. He has mentioned in interviews that he wants to hold on to his best players. I don't think he should sell Konchesky to any club. He is a valuable member of Fulham, and I would try to sign him to a new contract. 

The new Fulham manager has impressed me so far at his press conferences. He looks like a manager that really has ambition to move Fulham forward. If that is the case he needs to hold on to his best players.

Fulham need to add more pieces to the puzzle. He has already brought in two players. I wouldn't be surprised if there is another signing or two before the summer transfer window closes. My hope is that there are no Fulham players leaving, and that includes Konchesky.

In concluding, I don't blame Hodgson for going after Konchesky. He would be doing what is best for Liverpool. I have high admiration for Fulham's former manager, and nothing is going to change that.

I would be disappointed in Fulham for letting Konchesky go. He has been a solid contributor on defense. Fulham showed over the weekend that they can play with any side. I would think at this point you would only want to be adding to your squad. I really hope Paul Konchesky does not leave Craven Cottage.