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Cottagers Daily Rumor Mill: Konchesky Having Medical With Liverpool

Paul Konchesky photo via getty images
Paul Konchesky photo via getty images

Here is the latest story regarding Paul Konchesky and Liverpool. According to Sky Sports, Paul Konchesky is having a medical with Liverpool. The article mentions that Friday night Konchesky was allowed by Fulham, for him to travel to Liverpool, and have discussions with the club at Anfield.The article also states that Liverpool want to have this deal completed in 24 hours.

Yesterday, I had a post that had information from a Daily Mail story. According to the Daily Mail, Liverpool and Fulham have come to terms on a deal worth £4million for Paul Konchesky.  

The Daily Mail story also mentions that Liverpool youngsters Lauri Dalla Valle and Alex Kacaniklic could be part of the deal with the two players going to Fulham. I had a post yesterday about these two players, and possible interest from Fulham.

I will continue to follow the Paul Konchesky story and a possible move to Anfield. At this point there has been no official word from either Fulham or Liverpool. When there is more information I will have an update.