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Fulham And Blackpool Played A Very Entertaining 2 - 2 Draw

Fulham vs. Blackpool. Photo via Getty Images
Fulham vs. Blackpool. Photo via Getty Images

Fulham played against a very tough opponent today in Blackpool. This would be Blackpool's first match at home in the Premier League. There was no question that Blackpool were going for the victory the entire match. In fact, Fulham got a late goal from Dickson Etuhu to get the draw. I think Mark Hughes will be happy to leave Bloomfield Road with a point. Fulham and Blackpool played a very entertaining 2 - 2 draw. 

The first half was very interesting to watch. Blackpool really had more of the ball and played well. They also started off fast. I have to give credit to this team. They came out to win. 

 In the 4th minute, John Pantsil made a mistake and Luke Varney got around him. He took a nice shot on net that was saved by Stockdale. Blackpool were carrying the play in the first 10 minutes.  

In the 16th minute, Blackpool thought they took the lead. However, as the ball went into the net, the offsides flag went up, and the goal did not count. Fulham dodged a bullet there.

Fulham would finally get their first real chance in the 20th minute. Bobby Zamora made a great run and pass to Dembele. Unfortunately, When the ball reached Dembele it was nicely cleared by the Blackpool defense.     

A few minutes Later, Blackpool would have a nice chance to score by Luke Varney. His strike inside the box just goes wide.

As the half went on Fulham would start to build momentum. In the 28th minute, Bobby Zamora would have another great chance inside the box. His pass to Simon Davies is again cleared away by Blackpool. However, all of his hard work in the first half would finally pay off.

In the 35th minute, Moussa Dembele sends a great pass into Bobby Zamora, who heads it past the goalkeeper. Fulham were now ahead 1 - 0.

Football is a funny game. Even though Blackpool carried most of the play in the first half , Fulham were in the lead. The half ended with Fulham leading 1 - 0.   

The second half started similar to the first half. Blackpool came out fast, and were pushing hard to get level. It would take them 25 minutes to do it, but they would finally get their first goal of the match.

In the 71st minute, Luke Varney took a shot that went off of John Pantsil, and got past David Stockdale. Blackpool were finally level. The game was now tied 1 - 1.

Luke Varney was a constant thorn in the side of Fulham. He had two more great shots to score in the 71st and 73rd minute. He was leading the charge to go for the victory for Blackpool.

Take a guess who go the got ahead goal in the 76th minute? It was Luke Varney who got off a nice shot that got by Stockdale. Blackpool were now ahead 2 - 1.

To Fulham's credit they did not give up. They started to press forward to get a goal. Leading the charge for Fulham was Moussa Dembele. In the 80th minute, his shot inside the box just goes over the net. He would have another chance to help Fulham get that second goal.

In the 87th minute, Dembele sent a great pass to Dickson Etuhu who was one on one with the goalkeeper. Etuhu flicked the ball past the goalkeeper, and the game was now tied 2 - 2.

Fulham were not done yet. They were now going for the win. They were pressing hard, and gave themselves a chance to possibly win. Simon Davies had a nice shot just outside of the box that was nicely saved by the goalkeeper. The game ended shortly afterwards at 2 - 2.

This was an exciting match, and Fulham should be happy to get another point. Fulham have now played three matches and have three draws. Let's hope in the near future Fulham can start turning these potential draws into wins.